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It's never too early to prepare for your wedding dance

Wedding Dance Preparation

At Strictly Ballroom, we offer a realistic approach to what you can accomplish to look and feel confident, and be relaxed for your special wedding dance.

Your wedding dance should be fun and relaxed. Our approach is to teach you how to be comfortable with one another without the stress of memorizing a routine. Understanding the fundamentals of a basic dance is one of the most important elements necessary to accomplish your goals.

As your instructor, you will receive the personal attention necessary to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible when it is time to take to the dance floor. It is our goal for all wedding couples to walk away from their Wedding dance with not just that one special dance, but a lifetime of special dances.

Things to Keep in Mind

Keep it light and make it fun: After all, it is your wedding dance and not “Dancing with the Stars.” You were not brought in to entertain guests or you would have hired professionals to do a show. It’s a symbol of your connection to one another. If you make it fun and not look staged or mechanical, it will automatically be fun and engaging for you and your guests.

Pick a song that is meaningful when possible: It will stick with you forever and hence, the dance becomes more meaningful. 

Be realistic when deciding the length of the song: How long a minute (or three) feels is much different when you’re the performer and not the audience.

When choosing a song, keep in mind that it is the rhythm and tempo of the song that will determine the type of dance that will be suitable. Contrary to popular belief, not all slow songs are a waltz but many slow songs either are or can be adapted to a number of different dance styles such as Fox trot, waltz, rumba etc. Remember, there is no right or wrong song.

Remember that your wedding gown can directly affect how you will be able to move on the dance floor (more so than the man’s Tuxedo). Not to mention, the groom won’t be wearing high heels.

Having practice time goes a long way in supplementing your dance lessons and accelerating the learning process. It’s just like learning a new sport, the more you practice, the better you get. Not to mention, it’s a great excuse to spend time with your partner. As long as you aren’t bickering over who should be leading!

The number of lessons you will require is determined by a variety of factors:

  • Type of Music
  • How Elaborate Your Aspirations Are
  • Willingness to Participate😁
  • The Aforementioned Amount of Time You Will Have to Practice
  • Previous Dance Experience

It is recommended that you give yourselves at least three months to address your wedding dance. That includes the minimum one month negotiating period that it could potentially take you and your partner to agree on a piece of music. Generally speaking, four lessons would be the minimum most couples could get away with. But, six lessons is a much more realistic number to plan for. Certainly, these numbers vary.

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